It is possible to download your data including the GPS tracking from the TravelVu app. This is for the tech-savy or interested users who want to dig into your data a bit further than the average user.

  1. Open the menu (cogwheel menu in top right-hand corner) and select Settings.
  2. At the General section tap on Download my journeys symbol.
  3. Select if you want to export trips and/or activities.
  4. Tap on gpx or csv button to download your data in either gpx format which includes GPS track data or as csv which will give you a tabular list of your trips/activities.
  5. A browser window opens which will try to download your file. You can now tap the address bar, copy the download address and email yourself to download the file on your computer. Note that the link is valid for a limited amount of time. It is therefore recommended that you download the file and save it locally on your device.

The file will contain data from your corrected days.