First, ensure that you have marked the days that you want to include in the survey as correct.

  • Go through the days and check that at the bottom of the day it says that the day is correct. If it doesn't, go through the trips and activities that day and ensure they are correctly registered or adjust accordingly and then confirm that day.

If you are satisfied with your contribution to a survey and wish to end your participation you may do so in two of the following ways: 

  • Turn off movement logging. By turning off logging movements in the app, you pause your participation in the survey while maintaing access to your account, TravelVu ID, and your data. In this way you can return to the survey or use the TravelVu app in the future on the same account. To turn off movement logging click on the cogwheel in the upper right hand corner then go to  Settings>Log movements> uncheck the box. 

  • Delete the application. By deleting the application, you also delete your account, TravelVu ID and access to your previous data. You may delete your account if you would like to permanently leave the study you are participating in and do not plan on using the TravelVu app again. 

Note: Remember to mark all the days you would like to submit to the study as correct before leaving the survey so as to make sure your data is included in the study.