TravelVu supports transferring your TravelVu-ID from one phone to another from version 2.5 of TravelVu.

To do this you need to have access to both devices so that you can scan a QR code shown on the old phone with your new phone.

Prepare your old phone

1. Open TravelVu

2. Tap on the cogwheel and then Settings

3. Scroll down and tap on the button I have a new phone

4. Confirm that this is your old phone

If you don't find the option "I have a new phone" in Settings, go to App Store or Google Play and update the app on your old phone as it probably has not been updated to a TravelVu version that supports this option.

Transfer to your new phone

1. Open App Store or Google Play and download TravelVu

2. Open TravelVu

3. Tap on Transfer from old phone on the start screen

4. Tap on Scan QR code button

5. Grant TravelVu access to the camera

6. Point the camera to the QR code displayed on your old phone until TravelVu automatically closes the camera view when it has read the QR code

A spinner shows for a breif moment and you will then move forward to the app. You have now transferred your old trips and questionnaire answers and can continue to contribute to the survey that you are participating in.

Uninstall TravelVu on your old phone

TravelVu do not support having two concurrent phones logging data for the same TravelVu-ID. Therefore, to avoid trouble we have turned off logging on your old phone but to be safe we suggest that you uninstall TravelVu from the old phone once you have transferred to your new phone.