1. Start the task switcher

2. Swipe away app

3. Start TravelVu again

0. Why?

In some cases the support may instruct you to restart TravelVu. For example to clear the local cache and force the app to update get the latest survey settings from the server.

1. On your phone or tablet start the task switcher

iPhone/iPad with home button

Double tap on the home button to open the task switcher

iPhone/iPad without home button

Swipe upwards from the bottom in a slow pace and as you swipe you see that the app minimizes into a tile. Release your finger from the screen now. 


Press the button at the bottom of your screen with three vertical lines. Note that this button can be located to the right as in the picture below or it can be located to the left. So look at the button icons on your phone and choose the one with three vertical lines.

2. Swipe away the app

Look at the app switcher on your phone. Does in show a list from top to bottom or from left to right? 

List left to right (horizontal)

Swipe the Travelvu app card up or down to close it.

List from top to bottom (vertical)

Swipe the TravelVu app card left or right to close it.

3. Start TravelVu again 

Leave the app switcher by pressing the home button on your phone (or swipe from the bottom if you don't have a home button)

Then go to your home screen or app list and tap on the TravelVu app icon to start TravelVu again.