After a full day of traveling you should:

  • Assign an activity purpose to all stops. (or adjust the suggested purpose if it was wrong)
  • Change transport mode if the suggested mode was wrong.
  • Change start/stop times if they are wrong.
  • Change travel distance if it is wrong.
  • If the trip route is wrong, you can try to improve it using Move.

If an actual trip you have carried out has been split into multiple trips in TravelVu, you can join them. If your actual trip consist of many legs but TravelVu only detected the trip as one leg, you should split the trip and assign travel mode to each part.

Ok I've done that, how do I mark the day as correct?

Below your travel day there is a text, "Mark my day as correct", with a waving hand symbol. By tapping this text you get two alternatives, "Yes, I've checked and it's correct" or "No, don't use this day". If your day is correct, press the first alternative. If you are not able to correct the day, choose the second alternative.

In the calendar view you can see an overview of all days, and the corrected days will have a check mark.

Days that you have marked as correct will be contributed to the travel survey.