In this release we've fixed a few bugs and made some improvements including adding French translation.

  • Fixed problem with showing long questionnaires in popup window
  • Fixed that the panel where you confirm or reject days was not fully shown on some phones
  • Fixed that user edits and train routes could cause route to not be editable
  • Fixed that the app user interface would hang up if you tried to answer a questionnaire with exactly zero questions
  • New: displays number of non-confirmed days that remain to be marked as correct or to be rejected.
  • New: once you have confirmed enough days we will stop to remind you to confirm more days. You are of course welcome to confirm more days than we ask for.
  • New: Translation to French.
  • New: shortcut to help and support from the notice shown on empty journey view

On iPhone only:

  • Fixed that it was not possible to proceed through the start screens on iOS 10.3

On Android only:

  • Fixed that the app could sometimes show a splash screen while you were using other apps.
  • Improved background operation on Android 10
  • Fixed that with WebView update 79.0.3945.93 it become impossible to save trip/activity time and scroll to the bottom in the mode/activity selection. (this fix is in TravelVu 2.2.3, released on 22 December 2019)