We have listened to our users and most find TRavelVU 1.x easy to use, but some wanted it to be even easier to get started with. Today we launch TravelVu 2.0 where we worked hard on improving the user interface to be easier for new users to get started and contribute data to travel surveys in TravelVu.

Also we have had feedback that TRavelVU is hard to write, so from now on the app is written TravelVu.

To receive the update, go to Google Play or App Store and look for updates.

Changelog for 2.0.4 (compared to 1.8)

  • Large overhaul of the user interface with usability in mind. We don't list all visual changes here. You should try it to see how it looks.
  • Introduction texts that explain functions in the app the first time you use them.
  • You can now edit bad gps tracks and move activities using the new Move function.
  • The map of trips/activities is now integrated in the overhauled details view
  • Export my trips have been moved to the settings view.
  • On Android, the notification icon in system bar is now only visible when the app actively listen to the gps and a short while afterwards when it tries to determine if you stopped for a short break at a traffic signal or to change bus or actually stopped. It is also visible when you have a push notification from the app.
  • Mimumum supported Android version have been raised from 4.4 to 5.0. For correct working Play services and WebView should be updated and phone settings should allow TravelVu to operate in the background.
  • New languages - Italian and Danish
  • New modes of transport: cargo bike, car pool car, 3 wheel moped car (none are enabled by default, but may be activated in some surveys)
  • The texts in the app have been reviewed to be less technical than before.
  • New logo
  • New color palette
  • New way of writing the name

In this release the delete function is temporarily unavailable because in most cases when users have used the delete function the use of join would have been better. It will return soon with updated UI to make it clear what it actually does and allow you to choose where the time of the deleted trip or activity should be assigned.

We are aware that the new Move function have some troubles with long distance trips with moderately good gps data. In these situations it can take long time for the view to load. For shorter trips or with worse data as well as moving activities the Move function works better.

If you have any questions or problems with the new version, contact our support.